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Dear Business Owner

Are you tired of spending money on marketing campaigns and having the same typical issue of not gaining returns on your Marketing Efforts?? Waiting and waiting on that whale of a client to come knocking at your door?

Well, Prime Visibility has come up with a solution where you can stop worrying about all this money you are spending and anxiously waiting for the so-called “promised return of investment”.

Through doing mass amounts of research we have come up with one common denominator. This is the question that keeps coming up… I get all these “clicks” but not getting quality leads, why is this happening? What is going wrong?

Well, it’s pretty simple, your approach is completely wrong and this is where a team like Prime Visibility can assist you. Getting the correct message through quality Ad copy to your different audiences is the key to quality leads, by using a well-designed landing page with the correct approach to get the right message across, then taking that message and using the Digital platforms like Google Facebook and Youtube to get 1000’s of prospects taking notice, then taking action. By not speaking the right language to your prospects, you can pretty much keep throwing money down the drain.

Prime Visibility offers multiple strategies to get this right for you, we do market research in your industry and come up with an appealing copy to attract the right people to your Ad campaigns. The structure of traffic sources is as follows.

We have 3 types of traffic sources as mentioned in the above diagram.

  1. Buy mode
  2. Awareness stage
  3. Cold

With these three prospect types we use Google in all 3 categories as Google has 4 main products (google search, google display, google video (Youtube), and remarketing to all of the above) whereby we can attack the hunter prospect, the prospect shopping around and the prospect who has no idea about your business but could be a great candidate. By using quality text headlines and graphical headlines, we get to grip the prospect’s attention to finding out more now that they see you as the expert. We have Facebook, LinkedIn, and youtube whereby we can supply prospects with information of VALUE making you look like the expert in your industry.

In summary, Prime Visibility will take your specific niche and come up with the right approach in your industry by doing substantial research to find out the most asked question in your industry and use this as firepower to get you the right type of leads. Place a 30-minute strategy session with us so we can find the RIGHT strategy for you.



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